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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to book a hunt?

$2400/person for: 2 hrs hunt time, guns/ammo, lodging and meals
$2250/person for: 2 hrs hunt time, guns/ammo

**We take deposit of $1000/hunter when booking**


What kind of guns are we using?

We utilize Black Rain Ordinance AR-15 semi automatic weapons.
.223 full metal jacket ammo
Our guns are equipped with Vortex Optics scopes


What kind of helicopter are we using?

-We hunt in Robinson R-44 helicopters.
-We take 2 hunters per helicopter on our hunts. Occupying 3 of the 4 seats in the chopper.

-No we aren't able to land and take pictures with the pigs


What do we do with the pigs after we hunt?

The hogs and coyotes will stay in the fields/pastures they were shot in. Nature will take over and dispose of the remains in a few days. **it is not recommended to eat the hogs we hunt**

Get in Touch

As with everything, there are questions you may have that we did not mention here. Feel free to contact our hunt manager (in the "contact" tab) with any questions/concerns you may have involving hunting.

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