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Formed in 2011, Cedar Ridge Aviation has added to the services we provide.  Located in small town Knox City, Texas, it's not hard to find us.  Harrison Field Airport sits just north of town on hwy 6. We specialize in Aerial application, Heli hog hunting, and carbon sequestration.  
We are a part 137 aerial application service utilizing 402, 502, 602 and 802 Air tractors as well as Robinson R44, R66 and Bell 206 helicopters.  We offer spraying for corn, soy beans, cotton, wheat, range land and pasture as well as many more.  We have several local customers that utilize the application, but we also service customers that are further off.
Cedar Ridge has been participating in the "Corn Run" in Iowa since 2012.  We have a sister office located in Red Oak, Iowa that we utilize for the summer spray event from June through August.  Through aerial application we apply fungicide, insecticide, and foliar feeds for numerous crops.  Being mobile is one way we are able to be successful.  

Heli hog hunting is another unique service we offer. We utilize the Robinson R44 helicopters for the hunts and arm the customers with Black Rain Ordinance AR15's.  The hunts last for 2 hours and we have over 750, 000 acres of land to choose from so as not to become overused.

The carbon sequestration program is something we are passionate about.  Our goal is to get farmers and ranchers compliant with the program nationwide. We provide nutrient and seed aerial application along with cover crop applications.  We will assist you from sign up to completion to ensure you are satisfied with your product. 

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11910 Hwy 6, Knox City, TX 79529, USA

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