As most people know, predators such as coyotes, hogs, red foxes and bobcats can be a real problem on wildlife and livestock as well as their habitat. Let Cedar Ridge Aviation with our aerial management permit, help you in solving over populating hog herds and coyotes. By filling out a "Land Owners Authorization" (LOA) form, we can be on our way to helping you with your predator problems. Please call or email with any questions.

Utilizing helicopters is undoubtedly the most effective and speedy means of working cattle. The pilots at Cedar Ridge Aviation have been working cattle from the ground for years. Knowing how cattle move is a huge benefit when helcopter work is performed. It allows for the job to be done quickly and efficiently. Let us aid you in gathering your ranch the fastest way possible...with Cedar Ridge Aviation.

The ONLY way to get an accurate count of the wildlife on your ranch is by helicopter. Whether you have 500 or 50,000 acres, Cedar Ridge Aviation gets the job done the right way. We utilize the latest in GPS technology to efficiently and accurately fly perfect transects of your property. Do the job right the first time...choose Cedar Ridge Aviation.

Whether you're photographing your property or need aerial photos for media purposes, Cedar Ridge Aviation can put your photographer where they need to be EVERYtime. If you don't have a photographer let us know, and we'll take the pictures for you!

Need to check the status of your pipeline or powerlines? With our GPS systems we can document the exact location of any issue and report to you immediately to save from accidents or spills. We are experienced in flying oil leaks which will save you time and money. Choose Cedar Ridge Aviation for your next pipeline patrol.


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