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ustin Johnson was born and raised in Knox City, Texas, population <1200 where he and his family have farmed and ranched for generations. He originally aspired to be a care flight pilot and, after highschool, decided to be a helicopter pilot. Dustin immersed himself into the helicopter pilot lifestyle and received his training at Helicopter Experts in Bulverde, Texas; received his instrument rating with Kansas Copters in Augusta, Kansas; and finally with EPIC helicopters in Dallas/Ft. Worth where he received his commercial pilot rating. Since harvesting his first whitetail buck at 6 years of age, Dustin has always been a true outdoorsman and respects what hunting does for wildlife management. Growing up around farming and ranching he has seen first hand the devastation caused by feral hogs. This fact combined with his desire to help people by being a care flight pilot melded together and inspired him to help his fellow farmers and ranchers. He has been aiding Texas farmers in the eradication of feral hogs for over 2 years and has an invaluable familiarity of our area. This proves extremely useful in every aspect of the services that Cedar Ridge Aviation has to offer. divider


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hane Williams was born and raised in Valdez, Alaska, population 3500. Growing up around aviation he took his first helicopter ride at just 6 years old, and he's been hooked since! Immediately following highschool Shane journeyed to Hawaii where he began his pilot training with Mauna Loa Helicopters. While at flight school he achieved his commercial and flight instructor ratings. The next fall he moved to Texas in pursuit of his instrument rating and to start instructing! Shane loves to fly and strives to improve his skills by learning from every flight. " Everytime I get in the helicopter I expect to learn something new and pass my experiences on to keep everyone safe " divider






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